June 11, 2007

Welcome to the jungle [concrete]

I'm looking out my window in NYC.
I can't help but think about the 10 million people on this small island.
How many people are directly out my window.
How many people are watching a TV at this very moment.
How many people are awake restless, wishing they were sleeping.
How many people are on the toilet taking a shit.
How many people hate their job.
How many people don't have a home.
How many people are connected.

Through association wouldn't all 10 million people in NYC know eachother?
Thats a coalition bigger any nation's army.
China at 2.8 million people comes the closest in 1998.

With all that concrete jungle out there, there is nothing you can do to stand out.
The scariest thought is that this view is becomng common-place.
Meaning, all of this doesn't stand out as spectacular anymore.
Nothing excites someone who lived here all their life.
They think they have seen it all.

1 comment:

JL said...

It looks lonely from there. Beautiful in my opinion, but lonely.