March 24, 2008

Lies in the editing room

Take a trip down memory lane with your favorite new and old fake trailers.
These really show how important and influential editing can be.
Makes you think about how editing can form a story that was never there while shooting.
Now apply this to reality television.
Bar-Mitzvah videos.
Wedding videos.
Fox's most amazing cop chases.
Titanic 2 (the surface).


March 16, 2008

NYC [part:2]

Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Cool guy Steve McQueen (part pit, part huskey)

The snow is an illusion

Drunken Debacle


NYC [part:1]

New York is addicted to Smack

If I was living in NYC I would be so addicted to smack. I tried it over the week and I can say I am officially hooked. Well, maybe that is partially a lie. Okay, I didn't necessarily try smack, more like I tried s'mac. Rather it being an illegal drug, it is a restaurant that serves the best gourmet Mac 'n Cheese. In fact, that is all they serve, delicious Mac 'N Cheese with goat cheese, hamburger meat, figs, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, hot sauce, and cheese like Gruyere.

Washington Square Park gets a makeover

Other than that, NYC was a great time. I went by my favorite old stomping ground near washington square park. They completely ripped it apart for renovations. It is another perfect example of fixing something that wasn't broken. I spent many summer days laying near the fountain, but the city must of saw it necessary to rip it out and replace it with a more historical version of the original. It is interesting that making something like a fountain more authentic means a man-made historical interpretation, that is nothing but brand-spanking new. I am sure it is going to be amazing though. (no sarcasm)

Washington Square Park

My old summer apartment

The West Coast

Walking through the village, feeling like I took a detour to Europe. Ending up with s'mac left overs on the pier overlooking New Jersey. I'm glad I am not in New Jersey after taking the Jersey Turnpike. That's another depressing story of pollution and technology.



Imagine you are going about your regular routine of the day. Walking through the city, on your way home from your 9 to 5 desk job at the local Bank of America. You turn the corner near the subway or bus stop and you hear Andrew Bird's professional style whistlings. The beauty of an impromptu concert. Your bad day turns into a day of pleasant surprises. Picture yourself there.

How did I not know about this. It combines an outlet for expanding your indie musical knowledge, and amazing imaginative live performances. LABLOGOTHEQUE is a collection of videos of top indie artists breaking out in an unplug concert in public areas.