October 18, 2008

Artful acting

The guy who played this naive
bad-ass in No Country for old Men. . .

also mastered the demeanor
and mannerisms of this man.

Josh Brolin is an artful actor. You might doubt his resemblance as George W. Bush at the start of W., but after two hours of daddy issues you forget that it is Brolin and not W himself.

And think, it all started with this bad-ass here. . .


October 15, 2008

Does a nonfiction story actually exist?

What stories can get altered through documentaries, reality television shows, or media coverage. When you put nonfictional story telling to use, where does editing cross the line. Just as Michael Moore might have taken liberties in editing while Bush sat reading to the children after getting the horrifying news of 911 in Fahrenheit 911, who else might have done the same?

I have always been fascinated by the ability to take one story and transform it completely after the fact. Trailer mash-ups really show you how easy and accessible a totally different story is peaking out from soundbites and mini clips. It makes you wonder how much you can trust an actual trailer as well. Then again, a trailer is movie marketing, with the basic purpose of getting your lazy ass into a movie theater.

This is interesting because it takes the same soundbites from The Dark Knight and mashes them with two well-known Disney flicks. The Toy Story one is pretty brilliant.

Toy Story 2

The Lion King