November 20, 2008

Pay Attention

A little bit ago I started this community blog called Pay Attention. I got the inspiration when I was walking around a state park before it got cold and stumbled onto a leaf hanging in mid air. It seemed it was connected to one fiber of a spider web. It literally appeared to be suspended in the air. A very surreal site. I started wonder how many people have missed this leaf. How many people miss all the moments around them that are unique and inspirational. Then I started to think about how I must pay attention to my surroundings so I don't miss something else like this leaf. That's where the idea came from. A place to collect all the moments you choose to pay attention to.

In the first month of the blog, it seems to be just me and a few others posting. If anyone wants to be part of that, just leave a comment and I'll add you. I think it could be an interesting community. I have an idea to make the banner art into t-shirts and grow this community if it takes off.

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