July 2, 2008

Slam! duuh duuh duuh, duuh duuh duuh let the boys be boys!

The last time you might have played it was in 1994.

You might have been listening to Interstate Love Song off of the Purple album by Stone Temple Pilots at the time. You might have owned a pair of rollerblade brand rollerblades. You might have owned a skateboard, but only realized you weren't as good as those kids who could ollie knee-high at your school. You might still have your Pogs though, buried under your old Baseball cards and Ska CDs.

All of the above is true for me. I can't speak for everyone though. This is a tribute to those days. To my childhood, and possibly yours. Also to the boredom of the summer.

Pogs on Wikipedia


Freckles said...

i was the master professional of this game!

Jason said...

Do you still have your pogs? Someone should start a pog blog. Or a plog.

Bukes said...

I wish we would have gotten back into pogs at the adcenter. The tournaments would have been nuts.

You know it's true.

Jason said...

I would have slammed right in your face. It would make nerf wars look like a game of patty cake.