March 16, 2008

NYC [part:1]

New York is addicted to Smack

If I was living in NYC I would be so addicted to smack. I tried it over the week and I can say I am officially hooked. Well, maybe that is partially a lie. Okay, I didn't necessarily try smack, more like I tried s'mac. Rather it being an illegal drug, it is a restaurant that serves the best gourmet Mac 'n Cheese. In fact, that is all they serve, delicious Mac 'N Cheese with goat cheese, hamburger meat, figs, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, hot sauce, and cheese like Gruyere.

Washington Square Park gets a makeover

Other than that, NYC was a great time. I went by my favorite old stomping ground near washington square park. They completely ripped it apart for renovations. It is another perfect example of fixing something that wasn't broken. I spent many summer days laying near the fountain, but the city must of saw it necessary to rip it out and replace it with a more historical version of the original. It is interesting that making something like a fountain more authentic means a man-made historical interpretation, that is nothing but brand-spanking new. I am sure it is going to be amazing though. (no sarcasm)

Washington Square Park

My old summer apartment

The West Coast

Walking through the village, feeling like I took a detour to Europe. Ending up with s'mac left overs on the pier overlooking New Jersey. I'm glad I am not in New Jersey after taking the Jersey Turnpike. That's another depressing story of pollution and technology.

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