January 22, 2008

carb counting inspiration for better marketing

This has been a lot of talk about Cloverfield this week. So many people saw the movie and found it nothing more than a waste of time. They see it as a gimmicky short flick. If this was the case, if this movie JJ Abrams did was simply a 90 minute home video, I would agree with trashing the film. However, I think it is a mistake to not recognize Cloverfield for what it is. In a day of instant gratifying information at the tip of our fingers via the internet, this movie tapped into a new kind of marketing. If I was wearing a fedora I would tip it toward JJ Abrams. The movie was just a glimpse, maybe the climax of a story too big for one media. Not many people realize there was a story building up to the movie months before the release.

The movie only seemed selfish and confusing if you weren't aware of the story going on. Before the movie there were clues throughout the internet using fictitious companies, myspace profiles, viral videos, fake news casts, and made-up products.

Piece together the pieces for yourself:
Jamie and Teddy

The movie itself has clues as well. Now that the story transcends a 90 minute movie, you might be more inclined to give it another chance.


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