October 8, 2007

Carb counting the inevitable darkness

Yesterday around 7pm I started staring at a computer.
At 5am I stopped to take a brief slumber.
At 9am I started to gaze at the bright pixelated screen again.
At 6pm I stopped.
STARING AT THE SCREEN: 19 out of 24 hours

Repeat on average once a week.

Squinting while staring at the computer causes painfuly dry eye

While you squint you blink less frequently. The less you blink the dryer your eyes become, and over a period of time can lead to a painful eye problem called dryed eyes.

Staring at a Computer Monitor Too Long Can Ruin Your Vision

Glaucoma is an eye disease the generates slowly over time. It is prominent in those people who focus on the computer screen for excessive amounts of time. And there also appeared to be a significant link between these and heavy computer use among workers who were near-sighted.

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