September 25, 2007

Carb counting in the Blogsphere

When I think of the original user blogspace I think of classic Livejournal. When it was you and a computer with a very primitive website interface. When it meant knowing the html code to change the font or post a picture. When it meant referring to the FAQ section of Livejournal to remember how to put an LJ cut in your post. It is interesting the first part of the blogsphere was positioned as nothing more than a personal journal. The origin of blogging simply started with a more organized medium than Doug Funny's midnight journaling. There was a time Doug Funnie made writing in a journal cool for little kids. It was no longer only your sister writing in her Diary.

That is what the blog has become. We are slowly making pen and paper obsolete. Think about how many people turn to their computer to vent, or communicate in their own webspace. Eight years ago their mood would have been decoded in their handwriting and not a smiley face next to the exact time they posted. We are impersonalizing our society. It only gets worse from here with iPhones and the iPod touch. It only gets worse when we don't make ads anymore and it becomes superficial branded conversations with a jaded public.

Is what BBH doing with the World's Dirtiest Film for Axe Body Gel promoting creativity or frat boy pornography? Is branded content going to become another impersonal venue for communication? Is social networking the next step after text messaging in making us even more socially awkward? It is true our parents did grow up in more simpler times?

None the less, the story of the blog is an interesting one. A culture that simply has a voice. 50 different random current voices on a page at a time. This is the greatest thing since live feeds on facebook.
The Latest 50 Images posted to Live Journal compliments of my friend Zach.


Bukes said...

Please write more about doug.

Gong Liu said...

I miss doug, and the Rugrats gang. can't remember when i stopped watching nickelodeon...

Diana said...

Oh my!

I just recently seen on Amazon that they sell Doug Season 1&2 on DVD, and I just thought of him and the father of blogging, haha.

That's really cool, I just thought about that yesterday and I came across this today.

Diana said...

*the father of blogging