June 26, 2007

I so want a time bomb for my bedroom

I stumbled upon MARK REIGELMAN's website just now. He really understands good design follows a orginal idea. I know I want one of these time bombs.

While referring to Utilitarian design. Reigelman had a great idea to transform the stairs in your home into a functional shelf.

I can only say growing up the steps in my house were used as temporary storage for the things that needed to be moved upstairs. My mother would clean the steps, and quickly myself, my sister, and my father would use the steps to hold our junk. It was never long until all the cleaning was done in vain.

Example off Flickr

Reigelman's shelf stairs idea can be seen as an installation on the staircases of Brooklyn's Borough Hall. According to Josh Spear:

August 17th through 26th will see the installation of Mark Reigelman’s “Stair Squares” on the cascading staircases of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. A study in human interactions with public furniture made possible by a grant through the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, the installation will bring a fresh and welcome pop of color and modernity to a what’s considered a very classic piece of Brooklyn architecture. That’s not all Mark has to offer, though — his website is clean and slick and displays his highly creative and versatile portfolio brilliantly, and you can definitely expect to see more from this rising star very soon.

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