March 23, 2011

Masters Course View


June 19, 2009

Twitter has killed the blog

and small talk


January 8, 2009

Behind Closed Drawers

Jon and I finally finished and published the animation we have been working so hard on. Just after we finished shooting it, he moved to Portland. So, it was fairy difficult working through email across the country with syncing up his music and doing the title scene. In away this has become our own little postal service project, with less postal service and more gmail. Gmail is really putting the United States Postal Service out of business.

We created a flash site that showcases the video. You can check out the site at Behind Closed Drawers.

You can also see it right here using youtube.


December 29, 2008

The most portable computer

Doing it is one thing, but coming up with the idea is pretty impressive. I love how this guy literally transforms his sketchbook into his ideas.


December 13, 2008

Shapes + Colors

I Came across David Pache. One of those designers that can just blow you away with the simplicity of shapes. I couldn't get past his logo section on his site. With over 50 logos for different companies he is pretty inspiring through his use of shape and color. I love how he designed his site. You click on a silhouette of the logo to bring up the real thing. It is a great lesson of the power of shapes. So simple, yet so powerful.


November 25, 2008

Introducing Cuppy

I really hope this project turns out as good as we are hoping. It is only a photo album before I put it into final cut though.